Price: £249

*Participants must have attended Qi-Rattan Level 1 retreat prior to attending this retreat


“The body is full of mistakes and misdeeds; how can it become pure, O Saints?

The Gurmukh purchases virtues, which wash off the sin of egotism.”

(Guru Raam Daas Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 311)


Transforming Avgunn to Gunn

The previous Level 1 Gurmat Retreat, ‘Sat Santokh Daya’ is designed to catalyse you towards your sacred sense of self, (your Mool Roop).

As you move through this journey you learn that to discover what your essential nature is, you need to shed what you are not, including those things that your are holding onto, without even knowing about them.


The Qi-Rattan Psycho-Spiritual Gurmat Retreat II focuses on three elements:

  • learning to transform and heal your conscious and unconscious unhealthy emotional states and traumas giving rise to your ego-bound Avgunn (unhealthy psycho-spiritual states);
  • cultivating healthy emotional states (Gunn);
  • introducing the value of thoughts and emotions in creating your own reality.


This retreat is designed to empower you to create and transform your reality, both internally and externally.

Through combining the power of thought with emotional energy, this retreat empowers you towards achieving your true goals and desires.

Through these achievements, you transcend limitations towards self-actualisation.



  • Friday 27th March 2020 (5pm) – Sunday 29th March 2020 (4pm)

Location: Hertfordshire, England

Prerequisite: Participants must attend the Gurmat Level 1 retreat (Sat Santokh Daya) before taking part in this retreat.

*Limited places*Limited to 16 participants – This is so that there is adequate amount of time spent with working with each individual.


Application Process:
Since these retreats are designed for people who have a serious interest in their own spiritual, self development and self growth, these retreats require a level of maturity to ensure that all participants are guaranteed the highest standard and quality – Qi-Rattan Retreats are therefore only available through a process of application.