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Where it all began 2008

Posted on April, 2013

Where it all began 2008

November 2008 saw two normal people come together and make a commitment to each other and their Guru in the presence of Guru Mahraj, Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and their beloved Sangat.

Amritpal Singh, an already established musician with many years of good fortune and experience of accompanying various kirtani’s singing the praises of Akaal Purakh Vaheguru. Jagdeep Kaur a holistic therapist, acupuncturist and guitarist always enjoyed listening to Kirtan as a member of the Sangat.

Few people know that Amritpal heard Jagdeep’s voice on a recording of Amrit Vela simran before he ever met her. At this time we had no idea how deep our connection with music, Kirtan and Bani would take us.