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Qi-Rattan consist of Amritpal Singh and Jagdeep Kaur, a husband and wife duo who released their debut album ‘Tarang – The Divine Flow’ in 2013. These British artists have since become a household name, popular for their soothing devotional music, Kirtan, of the Sikh faith.

‘Tarang – The Divine Flow’ is the first Kirtan album to be recorded in the infamous Abbey Road Studios, famous for the Beatles. Qi-Rattan are the first to combine self-compassion meditation techniques which are known to heal depression with their ‘Rakhe Rakhanhaar’ Shabad from their debut album. Advocates of peace and solidarity, Qi-Rattan represented the Sikh community in preparation for 2012 Summer Olympics ‘Prayers for Peace’ event held at the beautiful church, St Martin-in-the-Fields, set in the heart of London, Trafalgar Square.

Featured in Vogue 2013, Qi-Rattan has been described as ideal music to assist a meditative state for yoga. Qi-Rattan have taken the initiative to record their second and third albums at 432Hz in the intention to create greater harmony through Gurbani Kirtan and healing frequencies.

2014 saw the soft release of Qi-Rattans second Album ‘Jaag Re – Awaken’ which was followed by the ‘Jaag Re Tour’ of Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe (UK, Norway, Germany and Sweden).

Qi-Rattan’s agenda for 2015 includes a series of ‘Qi-Rattan Wellbeing Retreats’, tours and the release of their third album.


Jagdeep Kaur

Jagdeep KaurJagdeep Kaur embodies the great gifts of healing and music, with a lightness of touch that allows space for each to enhance the other. She invites you into her exploration of spirituality through music and Kirtan.

Her voice is shaped by the awareness of her many years of experience in a wide range of holistic therapies and imbued with deep-rooted, healing intention. Her experience has given her insight into how the meditative mind can open new dimensions, find solutions and heal destructive patterns in our lives.

As a highly-respected and sought after female Kirtani, Jagdeep blends traditional Sikh Gurbani Kirtan with contemporary trends, while honouring the beauty of traditional Raag Kirtan and communicating the profound messages and emotions to wider audiences. She receives guidance on Kirtan from the renowned Kirtani, Bhai Gurdiyal Singh Rasiya.

Amritpal Singh

Amritpal SinghAmritpal Singh was born into the globally renowned Sikh Kirtani tradition as the son of Bhai Gurdiyal Singh Rasiya and initiated into Tabla at the age of eight. His understanding of rhythm and how it underpins the cycles of life, shine through his performance and teaching. His heart-felt instinct for rhythm will lift you out of your head and into the vibration of life.

Amritpal has performed at The Royal Albert Hall, The National Theatre and the Birmingham Symphony Hall. He is now under the guidance of the Renowned Tabla Maestro, Pandit Yogesh Samsi, one of the leading exponents of ‘Punjab Gharana’ (Tabla tradition) who was himself tutored by the great Ustad Alla Rakha.

Amritpal is the founder of the Kirtani Development Project, a platform for developing musicians and Kirtanis, which draws hundreds of musicians from across the globe to the bi-monthly KDP Jams, currently held in the UK. He performs with many genres of music, from Indian Classical, Jazz and fusion to Traditional Devotional (Kirtan) music. He is currently teaching Tabla/Rhythm with Indian Classical dance at the University of Surrey.